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So this here is the past 30 days in Art. T’was a long month in art for a number of reasons. It is the end of winter , my mind was on other things and I have been pushing my practice by working on weak point training. AS artists we love to share our success, and hide our failures, it his human nature especially in a practice so based around ego, at least mine is ;p. So this month instead of hiding the bad and ugly I thought I would share it with the good . I Had along month for a number of reasons I hit a plateau in mind training and no matter how hard I fought I found negative thoughts creeping back . Theses days I find I keep myself busy not happy. I am busy all the time working. No social life no friends no fun.
This month I found it effected my work. A huge part of it is because I found out a large part of my legacy was lost, about 10 years worth of art. AS such work seemed pretty useless. Mostly the self talk I was using was pretty negative, while creating which is why I was less hesitant to create and happier in the gym then at my drawing desk. Most of yous could never believe the dark dark places I been with art. It happens when you give up everything for something you believed. This month it effected the work a great deal.
Truth is now days I would rather be anywhere else in the world then my drawing desk. I keep pushing through because just now am I gaining any recognition for my practice and the influential people I have just met have no clue about my art before so I am back at square one .As this could be the pay day for me and my kid, which is all I want I push through while looking for other options. Do I consider myself an artist anymore no not really. I do want recognition for the 20 years I was. I want my pay check and want to find myself somewhere far away from this room on a dance floor or a beach.
A ten year break should suffice and I will get back to er when I am willing to slow down a little. Fer right now I seem to be caught between a rock and hard place and work is the only solution. I want my fight er a part in a movie…. the last thing I wanna do is draw, seems to be the only option though
All that said you better believe I wasn’t too happy to be “stuck” in the studio. I really really appreciate the support I am suddenly finding, but really would rather be a hundred other place.Almost feels like there is a gun to my head!!! I wish it was saying dance er die instead of draw or die.
Here is a Februaries collections of work that was acquired by a private collector.

FullSizeRender 2

you can find my work at Saatchi Art

The Art Cave

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WELCOME TO MY ART CAVE!!!! Here is a quick video of the works I have managed to keep over the past 14 years of my practice. Along time ago I realized that art was a long term investment and started saving significant works so as they could be passed to down to my daughter when she was older or sold at a later date when my art might be appreciated a little more. at one point I started renting a storage space in order to ensure the work was protected. It ended up serving a double purpose as not only did I find a safe place to store work, it also cleared up studio space allowing for more work to be produced. It is also relatively inexpensive which then in turn also saves on the expense of a “real” studio space. As it is insured I know the work is pretty safe.
Here is a video with some brief description of what lies with in. the video will have to be reshot at some point as it was the first time I had stepped into the art cave in months and therefore wasn’t well prepared, I also hit stop at one point with realizing my error. None the less here is a brief walk through of a small portion of my legacy I have managed to hold on to over the past number of years.
Some of these works are now available on my page at Saatchi Art


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powerwrtnHEY KIDS,
I noticed a lot of of you are actual KIDS and wanted to say TNX , cause it is YOU who inspire me. Adults SUCK as they are boring and dumb ,even the cool ones. I know you can’t stop from turning into one, you can control the type you turn into….
Who you are NOW is the ESSENCE of who you CAN become in the FUTURE! All that stuff telling you to be someone else is LIES. That includes videos , movies , television, alcohol, drugs, tattoos ect. Doesn’t mean you can not appreciate them or be inspired by them.
BE YOURSELF. You are the most powerful, imaginative and capable being on this earth. And yes I mean YOU, the one reading this.
The truth most adults never admit to themselves or anyone else is they lost themselves a long time ago and are constantly looking for ways to cover it up. To do so would require admitting they made a mistake. (And that even includes your mom, cause she may have stopped dreaming and working on those dreams after she had a baby)
Truth is you have to work at being yourself , you have to fight to always be yourself because most of the time people will want you to be what they want and do what ever it is possible to make that happen.

Confession from an adult to children who was once lost but now found again after many many years.
Richard John Rossetto​
Ps (it is okay to believe in God , but the God you KNOW is true. Not the one ppl are always talking about)

The Original 5 Automatic Word Drawings

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Automatic Drawing

Automatic Drawing

Here are the original five word drawing as I recall creating them. The idea behind these works were first conceived in 2000 when I played with written word on a line drawing. At the time I kept a stream of conscious written journal and sketchbooks for ink drawing . Figuring out that doing both took a great deal of time I decide to combine both efforts as a time saving idea. It is also seemed the best way for a VISUAL ARTIST to keep written account of his life. So in 2002 I started concentrating on the idea of creating images with word. it took till 2007 of the idea to come to fruition. Here are the first works created all but one are owned in private collections held by people other than the artist.
The first work created as in order of appearance in this blog were “Evolution of Being“, “And Darkness Fell Upon Us All“, “Sad Wings of Destiny“, “And Darkness Rained”  and finally “As I Walk Through The Valley of the Shadow of Death“.
These five works were completed almost simultaneously  the only difference being their completion time. To me the speak of human relations and the struggles humanity have faced through out history.

And Darkness Fell Upon Us All

And Darkness Fell Upon Us All

Sad Wings of Destiny

Sad Wings of Destiny

I had created great works of art before these works here spoke to me on a different level as the told me I had come into my own as a creator. I have given up on art many times as my creations have never seemed to be accepted enough to create a even the most basic of living. Art is a deep and dark mistress and always calls me back. As much as I choose her she chose me. these works are her calling me from the darkness.

As Darkness Rained

As Darkness Rained

As I Walk Through the Valley of Shadow and Death

As I Walk Through the Valley of Shadow and Death

here is video of continuos line drawing all that have but returned to the darkness from which they came as many of the people who own them simply disappeared. whether the works remain intact is unknown. (images start at the 2:43 mark if you don’t feel like sitting through the description of who works were created as the sync is off)



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The video is pretty self explanatory. I thought I should make it as often there seems to be confusion about the difference between Editions & Prints in the art world. Both of which are legitimate ways to own works of art you love and support artists.
For along time I was against the idea of having reproductions of my work made during my life for various reasons. The biggest one being the same fear many collectors have. That fear is it may devalue the original as there is more than one.
Since the first printing of my work in edition form in 2011 those fears have been eased. After having had replications of a few of my works made I came to the understanding that not only did every single reproduction look different then the original, due to the image qualities. I also lost a great deal more then just an “excess” of cash flow. Having been hesitant to have works reproduced in any other form than an indy level not only held my works back from peoples who may have loved and appreciated them. It also made it harder for me to create art and promote my art.
Why??? because if I had “succumb” to my greed and allowed images to reproduced on a mass scale I could have actually provided better for myself as well as had the proper tools with which to create more work.  I can state this with certainty because ART with a capital “A” takes time effort and energy.  For every one good drawing or image there is a number of studies or drawings that never see the light of day.  Therefore there is a certain duality in an artist’s creation.  One must eat in order to live and function (which history and myself has proven isn’t always true) and therefore an artist must constantly be creating. What if though while that artist is pushing through in their vision the works or series they are creating doesn’t sell? Should they then to change their practice to meet the public? Change their essence to fit into the regime.  The answer for me was no.  Had I had reproductions of my work being made on a greater scale maybe I would not have had to choose.  The income that could have been provided through reproduction could have allowed for a more “space”, giving one time to experiment at “leisure” while creating their art. Which is a necessity if one is to push their practice. Yeah I realize that these ideals could be rebutted by the fact one might start making art to then sell just sell “posters”. I say tell it to Toulouse-Lautrec the “god father” of the modern poster art. As a creator it can be a slippery slope either way. After living the one I can say I much would have preferred the other. None the less, it is the artists life and I choose it er maybe it choose me. None the less hind sight is 20/20 and looking back I wish I would have started this long ago.


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Here is my latest work entitled “TILL DEATH DO US PART”. It is a conceptual work of art based on the ideas of Marcel Duchamp’s “Ready Mades”. Duchamp was challenging the idea of what art was by proposing that if an artist “handles” something or manipulated it with something as simple as a signature it becomes ART. An idea played with through out modern history on various levels. Quiet possibly taken to it’s extreme  by the creation of Damien Hirst‘s “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” created in 1991. At least until his work inspires another artist to take the idea further. Or at least till some rock n roll guy who happens to draw, drops some coin on getting some tattoos done on his hands and then thinks “HEY THIS IS ART !?”
Especially when that rock n roll guy is me who has spent the majority of his practice pushing the edge by working on creating art that “belonged” in a museum, through traditional means such as drawing and panting. Hoping to push art to greater heights by creating image through non-traditional conventions. Which for the majority of his practice has been line or word. Dabbling only here and there with the conceptual idea of what art is. Such as his series of works Fight or Fight or his work “missing tooth #2″ which has yet to be documented other than through his smile (yup there is 2 of em missing). Which both push the idea of found object art further stating a ready made is not a ready made unless it has got some of the artists D.N.A in it.
So it was one of those “AH HA” MOMENTS after getting the work on my fingers and knuckles done by  William .H B. at  PSC TATTOO that it occurred to me I had just created my last work of art. It all started with an “OUTLAW” Tattoo done by Tony D’Annessa a few years back (you can read that story here). It continued when I went to see Will to get homage to my grandmother Gina a few years later.


It kinda snow balled after that as I hit mid-life and lost my father. I found myself visiting Tony again, as he was a man from my fathers generation and they spoke a similar unspoken language we no longer hear. It wasn’t to long after that I found out I was on the verge of losing my mother. It all sort made me question my life decisions. I had sacrificed a lot for my art practice in hopes of being recognized as one of this centuries greats, as well as reaping all the benefits that went with it. Recognition money , women, so of that came to fruition. The most important part hadn’t, the money which wasn’t important till I found myself this age with a life time of work behind me and very little to show for the journey.
That journey had taken it’s toll on my family and friendships. It had also taken a great great toll on me. Turning me into someone I no longer recognized. I figured it would be okay when I managed to come home with the proverbial ball. Once the people you were working for start to pass it becomes too little, too late and you wonder why you did it all. Was the sacrifice worth it regardless of what you have created.


The more I looked at myself the more I realized how I had “failed” my family. Suddenly being an artist didn’t mean that much too me. I thought about the things they had sacrificed for me too. I had pushed hard in my practice and although in some ways I had been very successful the ways I hadn’t wore on me a great deal. After seeing my mom for what I thought might be the last time I went saw Arno he had a certain style and colour usage that spoke to me of my mother, some how traditional yet also of the future.


All that said and done these tatts where meant to be homages to those I had loved and lost in life. My kid kept bugging me though. I told her she didn’t get it she was gonna live longer then me and so I didn’t need a tat of her. this was about people I had lost. After thinking bout it I realized it was I who didn’t get.  She was the only thing that had kept me off a total path of hell bent self destruction for the past ten years. Sure I was self destructive during that time not half as much as I may have been. She was also the one who had rode through it all with me. It was her that kept me going and her that kept me grounded at which point I found myself making another appointment with Will again. He knew me, he knew my kid, he was a sensible guy with a kid of his own. The appointment was made and the fingers were done with her initials and flowers as delicate as her were put on the knuckles . It was as I was leaving that it occurred to me that we had all just made a work of art.


With the addition of the knuckle tatts the composition was balanced. there was a theme through out the work and it came from the creative mind of an artistic force to be reckoned with. Add to that these hands have created a mass of amount of art themselves and there was a great deal of satisfaction looking down and seeing they themselves were now art. With the historical precedence of Duchamp’s “ready mades” and the Damien Hirst’s antecedent idea of making art from a living creature and that as far as I am concerned is MODERN ART.
Illegal you may ask???? Not in Honduras (due to the high murder rate the term “body shops” have a different meaning where human beings are used for all sorts of things) and so far I have no plans on leaving God’s green earth quite yet. So by that time I hope to have the stroke to make sure my last wishes are adhered to. The hands will be removed and just above the wrist tattoos and placed in a case similar to Hirst’s. A glass enclose case filled with formaldehyde to allow for viewing but also keep the work preserved.
A death moth on my right hand and butterfly on the left will be added to the inside wrists to finalize the work shortly. Arno will be creating the moth and the butterfly will be created by Dave. No other alterations will be made to this work. these last additions  further emphasize the works meaning. Which is….LIFE and DEATH. which is also why the work is named so. Just like these artist’s hands that should remain on this artist’s body and like my mistress, ART, who has been my love for the past 25 years plus, the things we truly love we can never escape and are with us until death, sometimes even after.

here is the work Tony created that started it all

fOunD tREASuRE :Childhood art of Richard Rossetto

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childlionDuring my last trip to see my mom she surprised me with a bag of art she had kept since my childhood.  It was a pleasant surprise as I never really recall being interested in art up until a much later date. I might have liked art , might have appreciated doodling here and there, knowing who I am though I am pretty sure I was much busier doing much more active things. Long before I got into drawing seriously I was into rock and roll & wrestling, just to give you a clue to the type of kid I was. So I was pretty taken back by some of the works found as I shifted through it. I am also pretty pleased my mother kept it.
popcicle pete
Lots of the work was assignments I would have done for school, kind of run of the mill stuff a mother might keep. Some of it I actually remember drawing like the lion up above. Which came from a book I remember spending hours on. Some of the works spoke to me now as I look back at a life time of making art. sometimes the hardest thing of seeing old art is remembering who you were as too who you have become. Times that by a thousand when you are grown man remembering the simplicity of childhood.
So here are some of my oldest works.Some of which must be close to 35 years old. these are ones I documented before taking them to the art cave.Some were discarded for quality sake and for the protection of collectors investments

This last one I slipped into the permanent collection of one of my favourite buyers

I guess really judging from this report card the writing was on the wall as far as it went for career choices. I mean even though I did not know my colours and could count to 10 a “real” world job was out of the question. lord knows I tried.  My guess is when asked the questions I was lost in daydreams and some how got numbers and colours mixed up. cause it wasn’t too much after this my “tendencies” where proven to be more creative then mathematic. I guess looking back I am thankful for this life in art.


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