The Calgary Cassette Preservation Society Prt 2

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So I got a little long winded in that last introduction , I felt it was kindda important to lay down the scene. and their where a lot of great bands I forgot and even more that aren’t on the site . it was an active time in music. And destroyed most scenes after that … at least fer sometime….

these dates start to coincide with the musical  revolution known as grunge I can assure you we where all hammering into out long before. my intro to Indy music was about 86 most of these guys where round then.

Word Poet Tippy Aggo

Wheat Chiefs (former members Snfu)

Grand Pa’s Magic Pinecone

Dead Beat Backbone

The Imaginers



Hippychick (recognize that handsome lad?)

The Calgary Cassette Preservation Society

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So before we get this started first we need some background and to start it off I am going to make a some what controversial statement.I have always held a certain disdain for Nirvana. Although I liked their music and appreciated that their success put a spot light on independent rock on a whole, I always felt they symbolized the death of subculture. You see although it was cool many bands got their JUST due, at the very same time once the machine gets behind something,the dragon has no choice but to eat its own tail. And that is exactly what happened with independent music at the end of the 80’s and beginning of the 90’s. You see long before Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit” there was a buzz and a mummer. It was like a silent roaring a beast in movement that continually changed its form consistanly changing culture as it went along. That beast was music.It represented rebellion from society fer ages. If you wanted to easily step away from the norm you could define yourself by music.
From jazz to the blues,from heavy metal to punk all the way into the decent into Nirvana…. of course all of these have off shoots that we are not going to get in to.
Like a Bugatti hitting the Autobahn, what once were subculture bands, hit mainstream with albums like “Smells like Teen Spirit”, the Chili Peppers “Blood Sugar”, Metallica’s “Black Album” , and Soundgarden’s “Badmotorfinger” with massive backing in 1991 once the green light said go there was no turning back. Alternative music dug it’s clutches deep into eyes of predominate society with massive backing the world had no choice but to listen. Effecting everything, every iota of society. Literature, Television, Movies all a started having grittier edge. Maybe like the same effect the hippies had a couple generations earlier I guess.
Of course all of this was influenced by the generation that “preceded” them. bands like The Melvins , Fishbone, Anthrax,The Buthole Surfers had all paved the wave for sights and sounds. It was cool because a bunch of bands got their just due. Artists off all types where getting paid to create. it seemed as though if a person had a half decent amount of talent they might actually be able to scrape out a living on the jagged edge of society. So people Fkn tried. It made for great resurgence in art. people from everywhere were creating for expression or creations sake and it struck all corners of the earth.
In the end though so much money ends up get thrown into looking for and creating the “next big thing”, sounds get amalgamated, producers start to influence things on what is selling, which then influences “artists” to imitate or copy. In truth there are also not as many talented musicians as there are spots so they have to be filled with something which will sell to a large enough portion of the population it is worth having them around without having anyone say too much. None the less, they suck and the bar gets lowered just a little and so on and so forth until the matter is completely sucked of all it’s blood and marrow. Diluting it to the point of nothing more than background noise.

The trend continued for a long time after. especially with the repercussion of 9/11. when independent thinkers where scared to so much as breath wrong. All your T’s and all your I’s had better have been crossed and dotted then otherwise it may very well be into a deep dark black hole for you. the most one could do was sit tight and try hard to fit in.
Give er take ten years, some deep breaths about the New Regime and the realization that maybe things aren’t so bad, depending on which side of the wall you end up on and now artist are a little freer to do what they do best…. Engage society….
All of which has something and nothing and to do with the post. You see here is something I found while looking up stuff on old band mates of mine. This is the Calgary Cassette Preservation Society. Why is it important? this is a super fine collection of Canadian independent music of all genres. Just as things where exploding down south there was massive movement building up north with bands like Snfu and No Means No and D.O.A. all setting the stage for a massive movement of independent art.
and so it was with great pleasure I share these old demos and tapes. some of which I have gone through. to make it easier for you. I have attached videos where possible so as it is easier fer you to give a listen.

Ninth Configuration

Forbidden Dimension

Beyond Possession

Jones Town Punch

Huevos Rancheros

part 2


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forgiveyourself Here is my latest word drawing. this is the first ever ink word drawing completed with color. It is the story of a shaman and a butterfly setting each other free through acceptance of who the other was, while others around them where conditioning them to be the people others wanted (click here). It is also tells the story of coming into the self even after the tragedies of life have spilled their blood. This work was massively influenced by all the recent tattoo work I have had done on my hands which started with the spider done by Tony D’annessa  at P.S.C. Tattoos. you can see that story here. These WORKS of ART I have had done on my hands are reminders of every way I succeeded and failed and those with whom I had set about upon my quest. Painful reminders of the agony and ecstasy of this mans life and motivation to carry on.

I had been waiting to release this up until I had good documentation of my hands (which is actually another work of art after Damien Hirst’s ” The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living.” and yes it is legal to chop off my hands and put into formaldehyde in some countries) none the less my hands have been healing and finding someone to help document has not been as easy as I thought….  here are some “selfies” I took of the work as it was being done over summer. Tattoo works completed by Tattoo Tony (spider and the roses), William H.B. (Gina tattoo, knuckle flowers and kids initials on fingers, and Arno (June tattoo)

tattstellhands “complete” 


me with tattoo tony signing New York City Tattoo : an oral history by Michael McCabe in which he is featured

Van Gogh to Kandinsky: A Walk Through the Creation of Modern Art

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photo cred Jess Radz

photo cred Jess Radz

So it when I received a media invite for the Musee Des Beaux Arts ‘ upcoming Van Gogh to Kandisky show you better believe I was excited. I had no clue of what an incredible experience I was in for until this very moment as I sit an reflect upon the exhibition I had seen and how it the works in it had effected my life. Spanning from Impressionism to Expressionism These are the works that had the greatest impact on me as a visual creator and some may say on Modern art. As such I am presently moved to near tears and humbled, which happens very rarely except for when I find myself  in the presence of works like I had just stood in front of.

Now all that said lets get to the niitty gritty. First off as far as it goes for art history, I am very well versed in this period of art. After seeing that first Van Gogh I delved deeply into everything I could find that had anything to do with his art or that period, as well as works and artists who influenced this work and were influenced by this work. What interested me most  was the life style. Which at the turn of the 1900’s in France for creative individual , one might guess was pretty Bohemian. Artists and free thinkers  came from around the world to exchange ideas in what may have been considered the epicenter of the new and growing “industrialized” world.  Add to this the fact things like travel became easier, work that was once done by human hands was now mechanical and that what it took to survive on the a daily basis had changed as people moved from country life to an urban environment. in turn this left  people with more free time. Never a dull beast humans found themselves  looking for away to fill that time. Enter Creative and intellectual explosion  …..

Théo van Rysselberghe, Beach at Low Tide, Ambleteuse, Evening (detail), 1900, oil on canvas.

So where do we start. How bout with the man who spent the last ten years of his life dedicated to answering 2 question that stimulated this exhibition. The questions Mr. Timothy Benson set out to answer were. “What is expressionism and where did it come from” and “What did France have to do with it?”
first we must define the term expressionism. this is what had to say

 Toronto, Art Gallery of Ontario,Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Woman Tying Her Shoe, 1912, woodcut on wove paper.

Fine Arts.

  1. (usually lowercase) a manner of painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.,in which forms derived from nature are distorted or exaggeratedand colors are intensified for emotive or expressive purposes.
  2. a style of art developed in the 20th century, characterized chieflyby heavy, often black lines that define forms, sharply contrasting,often vivid colors, and subjective or symbolic treatment of thematicmaterial.
  3. German Expressionismus 

[eks-pres-ee-oh-nis-moo s] (Show IPA). modern art, especially the experimental or nonacademicstyles of contemporary art.
cut and paste from

Now lets look at where it came from. If we look back through the history of art the major movement that preceded expressionism was Impressionism. For the uninformed Impressionism was a movement in art created in France at the of the end of the late 1800’s and beginning of the 1900’s. it s steamed from the cafes and dance halls and street life of Paris. It was greatly influenced from the influx of creative minds from around the world as well goods being traded and imported from the orient . Impressionism was a direct rebellion against the “academic” art that was popular in galleries and being taught in institutions. The Academic art of the time was a type of social realism where artist attempted to portray the world in which they lived as realistic as possible. As art moved from the institutions and into the streets the people who were creating it also changed and therefore what was acceptable(at least by other artists) as creative expression also differed. Artist went from the idea of trying to represent the world around them as accurately as possible to idea of using art as a way to express their impression of the changing world they were experiencing as individuals.

Maximilien Luce, The Pile Drivers (The Pavers) (detail), 1902–03, oil on canvas.

Now that noted. This period of “self expressive explosion”, a term Benson used, liberated artists in many ways and many say set the stage for modern art.  As artists such as Manet, Monet, Degas, and Seurat started to play with how they wanted to depict modern life. Enter an explosion self expression through  compositional creativity, experimental brush strokes  perspective play and color. When asked if some of these changes had anything to do with new colors being introduced to the market due to advances in material,  Mr. Benson mentions that although color had not necessarily changed, tubes of oil paints where introduced to the market making it no longer necessary to mix color from pigment. One would assunme that not only did application changed, most likely consistences changed as well as the fact and now one step in the creative process of painting was now removed.

Cezanne Three Bather 1879-82
three bathers Cezanne  

Enter the tormented one, Van Gogh, who lived throughout France during the most creative period of his practice and whom although was never successful in selling many works in his life( I have heard between 1-3),  “HIT MODERN ART LIKE LIGHTNING” as Benson states. As such he was revered shortly after his death massively influencing the artists to follow. “It was Van Gogh’s use of riotous use of color….” inspired more by emotions than the world around him that impressed three young artists leaving Van Gogh memorial exhibition at the Bernheim Jeune  Gallery in Paris in 1901. These 3 artist where Matisse, Valminick and Derian according to Sarah Newmeyer  in her book Enjoying Modern Art. These young men would go onto become the forefathers of The  Fauves movement whom although inspired by color “….; it’s emotional expressionism they larger over looked or ignored.” Possibly preferring the compositional aesthetics  of artists such as Gauguin and Cezanne. These subtle  aesthetics choices  may have meant nothing more than a change of style unless of course it opens the doors of experimentation (er perception for you Cezanne and Aldous Huxley fans) that would push the art world further.  Artists start to play with deconstruction of shape and form during the cubist period headed by Braque and Picasso thereby also indirectly playing with the idea of the deconstruction of the building blocks that shape the world around us. Pursued even further  as shape, form and reality decompose completely where abstract art takes over. Where in the world as we know it does no longer exists. The viewer is then left with only an imprint of what goes on in the artist’s mind and no clear connection to reality.Art becomes something that exists simply because it was created and exists. So that is art in France in nutshell, by a nut, from about Impressionist period and leading up and into Expressionist  movement.

The preferred aesthetics of the Fauves   

the beginning of deconstruction in a Matisse still life 

So now what has all this got to do with German art????? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING unless…. In steps Wilhelm Uhde as the new director of the German National gallery in 1908 whom was a great supporter of the French “avant garde”. Lets also consider that France as a nation, may have been considered the height of culture, maybe even the “pride” of the “civilized” world at the time.  As such any nation looking to make such an impression on the rest of the world may have aggressively  promoted or even pursue certain cultural ideas or movements in order to solidify a forward looking identity .….especially if one where preparing for war

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Dance Hall Bellevue (previously known as Houses in Dresden), 1909–10, oil on canvas. 

So now here is where things get sketchy for me as although I am familiar with many of images and their style. I don’t think I ever read a dam thing about the German Expressionist. Having said that and now also referring to my original comment of being an artist’s artist, stuck by the automatic power of an image, I think the influence of French art on German art is pretty obvious. It is clearly illustrated through out this exhibition. We see nuances of every major French movement leading up to and throughout the German Expressionist period. If there is a difference in the works, it is in the discords of the societies they where created in. It was pointed out to me over dinner, “that markings on the wood of the wood cuts in the Expressionists period are reminiscent of the torments of their souls brought about by the war.”I think it is valid but,  all of this becomes a matter of opinion. Which is where the experts come  TIMOTHY O. BENSON: Expressionism in Germany and France From Van Gogh to Kandinsky”.. Me, I will let the images speak for themselves….

Gabriele Münter Wind and Clouds 1910 Oil on cardboard Hanover very Cezannesque

Earnst Ludwig Kirchner, Dance Hall Bellevue (previously known as Houses in Dresden), 1909–10, oil on canvas.reminiscent of Van Gogh's Yellow house?1

Earnst Ludwig Kirchner, Dance Hall Bellevue (previously known as Houses in Dresden), 1909–10, oil on canvas.reminiscent of Van Gogh’s Yellow house

Oh and Mr.Benson…. next time we are in a roomful of Impressionist to Expressionist art together I will bring the LSD. we will do half a tab each and I guarantee you a safe and enjoyable journey surrounded by the works of art you love like you have never seen em before… might give you an insight into their creation  … you know… kinda al Hunter S.Thompson styles…… ;)

Paula Modersohn-Becker, Girl with Flower Vases (detail), about 1907, oil on canvas. Nuances of Van Gogh’s Color, Gauguin’s subject mater with a slight touch of a nod at Nice.

vankankanWassily Kandinsky, Arabian Cemetery (detail), 1909, oil on cardboard.. Elements of Impressionism and reality further breakdown in the abstract masters hands…


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The Crystal Ship

Cover of Sinead OConnor’s version of Stretched on your Grave

Simple Ways to Make Creative Painting Easier!!!!!

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So it has been a bit since I pulled out the paints and turpentine and as I was setting up my outdoor studio I thought I might pass along some advice to help make things easier. Although I paint primarily in oils, these words of advice can apply to images also made with acrylic paints. Here is a simple short cut or guide to help you cut through twenty years of trial and error. These are time tested truths I have learned through out my career and things i wish I would have come to understand at a far earlier point. As an intrinsic being, when it comes to creation I set about learning my practice as such….. Trial and error…. I didn’t care what the books said. I learned a lot….. it took a lot of time too. So here are few pointers that maybe could have helped me skip through a few hoops.

When making the transition from drawing to painting on of the first things to choose is proper brush sizes. The brushes that came in that set with those canvases they sell at Wal-Mart most likely will not do. Most likely they are too big for the canvases sold with them. keep the brushes and buy a couple extra on the small side. you can never have enough small brushes….. on the other hand not having a small enough brush when needed can be extremely frustrating. want a muddy painting??? Use a big brush. On the other hand it has never ceased to amaze me how a small brush can be used to extenuate a markings on a huge canvas.

Next, Enhance your drawing skills… anyone who tells you painting has nothing to do with drawing is lying to you. Painting is 90% drawing. I am not saying that you can not create great paintings not knowing how to draw …. what I am saying is the more skill you have in rendering the easier it is to create an engaging composition. As such when pulling out ideas from your minds eye the more competently you can engage you hand “mind” coordination the more likely you will be able to successfully recreate the image in your mind. As your rendering skills strengthen so will your ability to render specific elements within your composition then creating more dynamic images.

mixing grey from colors

KISS, KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY. Use the three primary colors and white. you can mix pretty much ANY COLOR in the universe using red, blue and yellow, including BLACK(which isn’t a color). It is basic color theory. Even if you are stuck with 3 non ideal primary colors (ie. lemon green, pale blue and salmon red) you are still better limiting yourself to these three colors and learning to mix. the process of mixing will give you a MUCH MORE accurate color to the one in your minds eye and also teach you a great deal about the dynamics of creating an image in color. it is also a great way to warm up the mind for making art.

Clean your brushes: Now I am a brush killer from way back in the day but I also know how to bring a brush back to life. In oil painting it very easy to taint a colors with other colors especially in a situation were one was painting with red yesterday and white today. give your brushes a THOROUGH cleaning at least once a month, done proper it will rejuvenate your brush.

Use found house paint on inexpensive materials include found objects and “gessoed” paper. Ever buy a nice piece of paper then been to afraid to make a mark on it. Same thing except times ten cause painting supplies are more expensive. Using less expensive materials you can free yourself from fear of making mistakes, thereby liberating your creativity. Under painting a flat color on a white canvas can also be used to break the “fear” barrier. That first mark can be a little scary so why not make in away you can not make a mistake. Under painting also enriches a work by adding extra depth through out a work.


Learn from the “MASTERS”….. look at what you like and more importantly look at what you don’t like. WHY don’t you like it and what can you learn from it. If there is a work you really like reproduce it or even better create your own work with elements of that masters technique.

Van Gogh’s Skull

AND LASTLY….. When in doubt research and YouTube it.

Real Art Created with these ideas
“Owl, fox and mouse”, Oil on stretched guessoed jeans artist’s daughter


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this could be you

OKAY SO THIS REALLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RED FANG UNLESS of COURSE YOU HAVE THEIR MANAGEMENTS EMAIL ADDRESS AND WERE HOPING to SEE THEM LIVE FOR A CHANCE TO PICK THEIR BRAIN. So this here is a typical letter of approach I might type send and although I just got turned down for 2 sets of accreditation letters, like this have gotten me past security over fifty percent of the time. Obviously from the success ratio it is not perfect…. it might be better than the one you got though. Now before you get discouraged or I hear any complaints about how I already got these articles and contacts…. I started just like you and wrote a note something like this to someone I did not know in hopes I might get to pick their brain.Now some fair warning…. in this process you will be dealing with lots of middle persons. They usually do not have clue what an artist or their clients are really looking for. So the answer becomes getting the best contact info to get around them…. hell even when you get the person themselves you where trying to contact you often find it aint what you though. none the less I hope these words serve you well and if nothing else gets you in the same room as RED FANG CAUSE RED FANG STILL RULEZ!!!!!
and if you don’t deserve more media access to Red Fang than this chick I don’t know who does….

To Whom it May Concern,
My name is Richard Rossetto. I am a recognized Canadian visual artist whose work is associated for how it relates to rock n’ roll and as well as it’s museum quality. Now to be clear this is ART based in a little rock n roll rather than art based ON rock n roll. As such I create unique images with a rock n roll bent such as in my Homages to Ozzy, Soundgarden and Metallica.(click link below). I have sustained my practice through collectors, investors and the sale of art reproductions.
I am contacting you today because one of the marketing tools I use in order to promote my business and fine arts is called content driven marketing. The idea being a person writes on things they believe their following will find of interest and related to what the person writing is promoting. Crazy I know!!!! The result though has been 57 815 unique hits as of this moment with no advertising.(most in period of 2 years).The most amazing part is It has attracted those interested in helping me sustain my practice such as the above mentioned. My art is held in private collections, corporate collections and even silently in some museum collections as I got in through the side door.

So to get down to the nitty gritty I was wondering if you might possibly grant me press credentials for some up coming shows. Now I know it may seem a strange request. Did you know that Lars Ulrich collect post modern art ?( mostly after WW2) or that Kirk Hammett spent millions on a Farezzetta? What if I had a work for them? Er don’t you kinda think it would be cool to hear Josh Homme’s opinion on drugs and creativity?
which is the type of “discussion” I am truly interested in. the discussion of art, Creation and how creation can inspire the masses . Such as how does Rock n roll inspire a young man to become a visual artist… what else could it have inspired? what are the other creative interests of those who inspire us .
I currently hold credentials at both major museums in Montreal as well as a hand full of of the commercial galleries. Below are links relating to popular ARTicles and reviews. As well the works I have for Soundgarden and Metallica. Which were created in order to inspire them too as music has been a huge part of my journey.

Thank you for your time and please consider this earnest application for such fine credentials…. if granted them I would ALWAYS uphold the undertaking of honoring our unspoken agreement by writing the highest quality work in order to promote the interests for all those involved. of course I would not apply for creds for every event but only ones related to our mutual focus. unless of course I did real well in which case you wanted slip me tickets for my kid to see Miley er Beiber lol

Thanks again
Mr. Richard Rossetto

Montreal Gazette article about me:

interview with Henry Rollins

Interview with Musee Curator… :

Shepard Fairey

the sobey awards (black tie affair)

Rock Related Art I have for the bands that inspired my creative career
homage to Soundgarden

Homage to Metallica

Homage to Ozzy

my facebook page


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