Where The Locals Go: Theatre Sainte Catherines

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So tourist season begins here in the Belle Province as such I know ppl are going to be looking for info on the best places to go and the best things to see. as I had the “pleasure” of being invited to Theater Saint Catherine‘s Jesus Christ Super Star Band I figured I might step on my friend Jazz’n’Fuzzy’s toes a bit a let you know this is definitely a place stop when you find yourself in our fair city.

This is a great “indy” theater that has stood the test of time have lasted in the heart of downtown for about ten years. Last night was the first time I had been there for years and what a truly pleasurable and engaging experience it was. I had forgotten the energy of live performance. Part play, part rock band. Maybe it was like the original I am not sure. During my entire existence on this earth I have always managed to avoid a production of this show under no uncertain terms. WHY? cause I am prone to violence whether it is a good or bad thing who is to say. none the less that is my truth. therefore going through life I try to to avoid things that make me angry.

I always knew without knowing that Jesus Christ Superstar would make me angry. None the less when my friend Steph invited me down, I thought I would give it a go. Like I said it was sometime since I had seen a live play. He is a pretty entertaining guy so I figured I could not go wrong. And I was right on all accounts … I HATED the play…. I LOVED the performers, the energy with which they brought to the stage and their individual parts was incredible. the expression with which they sung filled the space. The band and music was high energy and KICK GENUINE ROCK N ROLL ASS…. when your dealing with the battle between good and evil that become a little INTENSE after a while though. GOOD, was musically represented with down home grooves that filled yer soul. BAD on the other hand was chaotic and violent noise. It unnerved the system. So much so that just before the end of the play I had the genuine urge to fight or flight. Not being the appropriate place to start slugging people out, the only option was flight. Which luckily took me past my friend.( it is an intimate setting… off stage is often through or beside the audience). I knew he would be back on stage shortly… I explained as best and quickly as I could … he said “Sip this Mushroom tea sit down, and shut up fer five… the endings is great you will hate if you miss it.” As Jesus had just been crucified the only thing left was rebirth, how chaotic could that be even if the mushrooms kicked in…. the rebirth was celebrated with an explosion of song and jubilation by the entire cast and audience was asked to join in and we did.
In a way by the end it was like I had just experienced a mid south baptism from the 30′s. We had been take on a journey through good an evil and come out the other side “cleansed”. The ever lasting question of how humanity can continually be so cruel to things so good and and so pure…lingered. One somehow took comfort that good triumphed or was such a potent force in the universe. We were still confronted by the question of which a more powerful force… good or evil. For the moment good had one and we felt relived.
AS did I. It pleased me to no avail that theater can be so cool they can take a PRODUCTION I hate and turn it in to a very POWERFUL EXPERIENCE. Sure I hated the play… I KNEW I WOULD… I LOVED THE CAST and the energy which this show was created though. It was intoxicating. I am very thankful I was invited down and thankful my love for theater has been rejuvenated. The best part of all this is, Theatre Sainte Catherine’s has productions or something happening almost EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK. almost all fer under 20$. Hell they even have an improv acting class on Sundays where you can join and learn to act. All of this equals PROOF LIVE, EXCITING THEATER STILL EXISTS and if you happen to stop through Montreal without checking this out you might have missed something.


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This work is my latest portraits. Yes I said portraits as in plural. As a fine artist I can spend lots of time making works that do not necessarily come to fruition. Can lead to lots if lost time it is part of the process though. So as of late I have been playing with ways to make failures turn into something that looks along the lines of real and viable art. As such while I was drawing these works I was determined to make these works work out…. just one problem though… I am not as attractive as I use to be and get distracted by the missing teeth and other faults. There I often loose my concentration…. thinking about things other than drawing when drawing rarely works out. So here is how it goes portrait #1 fails but has qualities I appreciate, I spray a fixative and do the next portrait, again portrait 2 has qualities I appreciate but definitely does not qualify for fine art, I am determined not give up on this though. Finally after another layer of fixative and round of drawing BANG what Picasso called a HAPPY ACCIDENT!!!!! something I am “satisfied” with comes to fruition. Really what made this work work was the progressive “successes” in each layer and adding a background color so as it looked finished. Now we have a finished a work… not one I would necessarily put on the market though…. UNLESS….
Someone emailed me and inquired on how much it might cost to acquire. At which point I started playing with numbers. So here are the numbers I came up with. you can own this work with 2 edition for 650$ a steal of deal considering some portraits sell for well over 1000$. I will give it to you for 500$ if you come visit me in the hood. I will extend that offer to anyone I have known for over 15 years if they are willing to take care of the shipping and handling. for more information email me at rossettoink @gmail.com


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Dear Red Fang,
Okay okay , I know I have taken this all way too far…. I am almost done bothering you….at least for now!!!! this is gonna seem pretty basic compared to the rest of the ideas I shared so far. Really all this is common sense. The idea behind these notes was to help yous and other INDEPENDENT ARTISTS RUTHLESSLY CUT THROUGH the competition when sharing your work online. These “tricks” aren’t just meant to help you lead the pack of up and comers, but also meant to help you slay your adversaries with mega-conglomeration backing. All these ideas are based on the idea of creating attention for your creative endeavors without it costing you a dime. Or at least making it so that when and if it does cost you, you get the most of it. As yous is musicians I have been concentrating mostly on ideas or musicians. These ideas can be easily molded for any creative endeavor.The reason it works so well for creative individuals is because your art is the “content”. If you have a following they are already “following” your “content”. In order to give your audience more, you just expand your “content” . You can do that anyway you want… we already talked about that. basically it comes down to giving your audience more insight into what you do.If you do it, we will love you for it.
It doesn’t have to be complicated and you can do the majority of it off from your smartphone. Instead of taking pictures of your cat lol why not take pictures of the crowd. Oh you already did that and every single person who tagged themselves in the picture LOVES YOU FOR IT. That expands perfect into blog content…err how bout a cool video from someone else’s smart phone from the crowd. All the stuff I don’t get if I am not on tour or have the chance to see your show…


Keep the writing simple, under five hundred words. as fer what to write about…. pick a specific audience and write to them. Share what you think they would enjoy. so now lets say your audience is a guy like me , who happens to be a guy like you with similar tastes and interests, which is most likely the case, cause I mean I am YOUR fan …. So when YOU MEET LEMMY BACK STAGE and think “hey that is pretty FKN COOL” SOO WOULD WE!!!!!!! NOW DO US THE FAVOR and ask LEMMY FOR a few minutes on camera. TRUST ME SELFIES WITH LEMMY R COOL, INDIAN LEG WRESTLING HIM is COOLER…er how bout a drum lesson with John Sherman? That is pretty cool…… you know what would be EVEN COOLER THOUGH??? how bout dueling guitarists between Scott Ian and Mr. Sullivan. NOW THAT IS SO COOL EVEN YOU THINK THAT”S COOL!!!! all of which I could never experience unless I was you… or in a super cool rock band which I am not!!!!! so whats the next best thing I can do? SUPPORT YOU.
sure it is a little extra work…. if your doing what you love anyway?????? There ARE FOUR of you…. and do you wanna know the best part???? the best part is….. it turns into a beast unto it’s own and who knows what direction it may lead…. hell it could be any letter writing or a part in a movie er how bout even REALITY TV?!?!?! NO how is that for a scary thought.
TATA FER NOW yer fan,
Richard Rossetto

the reason I posted erotica

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EDITED : Late night Erotica : the Artist and HER model

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edited for those with vested interest
to the lost art of erotica a la Anais Nin an email to a friend….

One day a well-known figurative painter hires a model. On the give day at the given time there is a knock at her studio door. She opens the door and finds herself standing face to face with a dark and handsome man. She explains that there must have been a mix up because she usually hires women for her work. The model asks if he can use the phone to call and explain the situation. She says yes, he enters her sanctuary. She shows him to the phone and asks if he would like a glass of water again he says yes. So she goes to the sink to get a glass and fill it. As she leaves, she watches him. He is a man of average size and build; there is something different about him though. She watches as he speaks to the unknown person on the other end of the phone. He is calm and deliberate casually walking back and as he speaks. She can see his strength in his movements. He is somehow strong yet also soft. He seems like a warrior from another time who was now lost in this time and place. His dark eyes seem to see through to the very deeps of her soul every time their eyes meet. His facial features are distinct and he is handsome. She decides it wouldn’t be the worst experience if she was to draw this man.
He gets off the phone as she hands him his water and he states “you were right there was some sortta mix up at the office, you will have to reschedule”
She states “Well…if it’s not too late… I am already set up to paint today. I am sure we could work something out”
He says “no problem”
“What’s your name she asks? My name is Greta”
“Rocky” he says as she shows him to where he can disrobe.
She sets up the lighting in her studio as he steps from behind the changing curtain. He is wearing a robe. “Just step on to the podium” she says “We will start with some quick gestural poses then move into longer ones”

He drops his robe. She is surprised; he looks like an ordinary athletic man. Not too well hung as a matter of fact in the cool room he is hung almost like a cherub. His presence is powerful though; there is an energy about him that rather excites her. He strikes the first pose, then moves to the second and so on and so forth. With each move the strength of his being becomes clearer. She draws her lines dynamic and energetic. She finds herself getting slightly excited as her eyes contour his body. Now that he is warmed up she can see what lays beneath, his skin. His muscles are strong, his chest broad, his arms big. His hands now look strong enough he could crush a rock. She wonders what he does other than this. She shifts slightly on her seat unaware she is rocking slightly back and forth. It excites her.
She is wearing a spring dress that hangs loosely to her body, the fabric lite and loose allowing for movement for the task she wishes to accomplish. Her nipples brush against the fabric as she creates. the rubbing of the fabric excites her even more. Her nipples stiffen; they start to poke out the fabric of her dress.
As she finish the last quick pose, he stands to face her. He is standing above her looking down. Their eyes meet. He smiles; he can’t help himself but look towards her breast. He smiles more as he sees her enlarged nipple. She becomes flush with slight embarrassment and looks down. The hair stands on the back of her neck and goose bumps run down he back. She feels a little wet. When she looks up again he has turned his gaze, head down submissively awaiting new orders. She says “ our next pose is going to be a longer one, so why don’t you sit or lay on that couch”

He spreads himself out on the couch. His head resting upon his arm with one leg bent, the other straight, his nakedness totally exposed. He is looking at her. He lays naked comfortably. She starts to paint. She follows his body and captures the outline. His muscles now filled with blood are bigger than they first appeared to be. His skin holds them tautly. She imagines herself touch this muscular beast. Her hands running across his chest and shoulders, underneath his arms, touching his back, his skin is smooth as he has removed all hair except a slight bit in his pubic area. She can imagine touching his hips and thigh grasping his ass. She can almost feel her on top of him. She notices he is softly staring at her. Perhaps entranced by her own beauty. She can see him looking at her legs and how the folds of her dress hang off them. She smiles and slides forward on her seat casually pulling her skirt above her knee level. He looks to see if he has been caught, she looks busy working. In truth she is no longer concentrating, her panties are damp and she is thinking of satisfaction. She adjusts herself on her seat as to know that he can now see what lies beneath. She spreads her legs wider as she pretends she is working. His eyes trace up her thighs to catch a glimpse of the fabric that covers paradise. The view of her covered sex sends blood racing to his loins. His penis thickens. She pretends not to notice and excuses herself to get something to drink. She steps into the other room and removes her panties. She is now naked beneath her dress. She get them water and returns.
He sips his drink then return to his posse; she sips hers then returns to her seat. As she sits she ensures her dress is hiked high up her thighs. The soft fabric feels nice on her naked ass and the outer lips of her vagina. She is now fully wet, and trembles slightly with excitement. She goes back to “painting”. She feel his eyes searching for the glory the once saw. She spreads her legs slightly, he can see up her thigh, again blood rushes below his belt line. She continues to “work”, he doesn’t seem to notice the slight pelvic movements she makes sending pleasure through her entire body. Rubbing against the fabric heightens the pleasure. She longs to insert a finger. She spreads he legs wider; she can smell her own wetness. He can now see her sex. Her pubic hair looks soft and is trimmed neatly. He can almost see the opening of her lips. Blood engorges his penis, he is now fully hard. He stay where he is, she smiles at him seductively. She moves her hand between her legs and inserts a finger. She tastes herself. She moves from behind her table while slipping off her dress. He sees her nakedness, she is like a goddess from a vision he once dreamed. She is perfect in every way. He wants to cum. He controls himself and stays laying where he was told to lay.

She steps toward him. She wants him inside her, but first she wants to take him in her mouth. She kisses the head of his circumcised penis. She can taste a bit of his cum. She licks the head and kisses the side. She kisses all the way down his shaft. She stokes his member it has grown a fair size since she first saw it. She wants it in her more. She tickles his balls and rubs his shaft it is all he can do to stop himself from exploding. She takes him in her mouth again, at first just the head then swallowing the shaft deep into her mouth and throat. To enhance her pleasure, she takes the tip of her finger and starts to play with her clit. He tastes good, she loses herself in the pleasure of cumming with his hard cock in her mouth and her finger rubbing her clit. The whole while he stays still, she lifts her mouth off his hardness and climbs his muscular body. She touches him just as she had imagined before. His stomach his chest his shoulders and back. She is on top in a perfect position to mount him. She rubs her wetness against his penis. It feels good as she slides against him. He puts his hand on her hips, he slips inside. They both let out a slight moan of pleasure. The length of his member now lays inside her warmth. He pulls her body closer to him pulling himself deeper inside. He runs his hands up her back, taking her breasts in his mouth licking them one at a time. Sucking and pulling on them, squeezing them with his strong hands. He moves his hands back to her ass. Here hips undulate rhythmically. She rides him. Sometimes he presses deep inside her, other times he teases her with just bit. She longs for his sex to be deep inside. She needs to feel him in a different position. She lifts herself off him turning her back to him. She offers herself to him on her hands and knees, her head down and ass up. He stays where he is for a moment. His urge to please himself becomes too great. He mounts her from behind. He is gentle but firm. His stiffness penetrates her from behind. She shudders with pleasure. He sticks it in deeply and slowly so as they can both enjoy every inch of their togetherness. He slides it out and rubs both her inner and outer lips with his head. Slowly he sticks it in again with each thrust she shudders with pleasure. With each thrust he presses deeper and deeper.

She lifts herself each time so she can take more and more of him into her. He seems to keep growing deeper and deeper inside her. She can no longer control herself she thrusts herself upon him time and time again deeper and deeper he goes her excitement grows until finally he pulls himself out one last time and sticks it in again. As he fills her, the head of his penis explodes. Desperate to take as much as she can before his manhood diminishes; she increases her rhythm ridding him wildly so as to take as much as possible. She cums just as he, trembling with pleasure she digs her nails deep into the couch below her. She lets out one last moan and lifts herself away. Cum drips from the both of them, the head of his penis leaks as she seeps his spent sex out her lips. It runs down her ass and legs. She offers him a shower, they clean each other off. Anytime they touch it is like electricity. He gets hard she gets wet and they please each other again and again. Finally when all energies are spent, he leaves. They arrange to meet again sometime the next week. She sits exhausted looking at her work. She pleased with what she sees. And thinks of what might happen during next week’s session.

Sunday Morning : THE ANIMAL FARM

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this is from a group of letters I write to friends and family that I have decided to start publishing. I decide to start publishing these because sometimes we think the people who create art or music are some how something more or something greater than us. Truth is sometimes those who create great things are just like me and you. A guy living in a small apartment hoping to make ends meet and taking comfort in his daughter and dog. so here goes…
photo by Catherine Aegre

Dear Friends and Family,
Hello and how are you? I am well. it has been an adventurous week considering I stayed around the hood. and I mean REALLY I stayed around the hood. I never even went downtown this week. that has been one of the benefits of working so close to home and also a way I have managed to cut expenses greatly. as a result I also let my gym membership go. I chose to let it go just because I have been continually juggling nickles and dimes fer the past three years, before that I was even juggling less so I ain’t complaining. It can get tiring deciding whether I should robing Peter to pay Paul or the other way around. So i decided to rob em both and pay neither lol. it is a funny thing because really things are going better than ever in my practice. Since I got back to work I feel better than I had in years numbers are up and my creativity is out the window. I am creating everyday. I avoid looking at thing like stats and stuff so as to keep my eye on the prize. . As fer my little social experiment on facebook with tags ect, it looks as though it has come to an end because I recently changed my account to an artist “LIKE” page actually I merged my personal page with my artist page as it was what I was using facebook for anyways. After I realized I wasn’t really receiving updates from those I cared for most as they were not active it was pretty simple.. and I took the plunge. Already there are certain draw backs like I can not get messages ect. I can accept it as part of the next stage. .. another big thing last week was I published my Sunday morning letter which I had done once before .that was another thing I thought of doing for sometime. I somehow thought that by doing so I would be dishonoring yous. truthfully I was very happy with the results… not necessarily in numbers cause it did not draw that much (i did not check specifics just know from the ppl who “saw” it on facebook ) I was very pleased none the less with the result. and believe that maybe it was something I needed to share and so I have decided to start publishing them. I will keep writing you here. especially for my one friend who wrote me and told me that she loved and appreciated the words and time I took to think of them. as such Ruth you will receive these words till the day I pass. you may not believe it but as I write these I think of very specific events that transpired through out my life. this note reminds me of good times and people I love. something we all need to remember and something very easy to forget in the day to day.
that was all on the good end of thing…. on the bad end I got news that my mother is ill. I wont get into it too much, none the less I am at an age where loosing my mother is a very real possibility. I just lost my father and in truth it makes me pretty angry. It makes me angry cause I already lost one person I was working hard so as I could start to enjoy my life with them and they pass. Now it is the very real possibility I could loose another. What makes it worse is we have yet to enjoy the fruits of success together. I know I made mistakes many times. I made them while trying to do the right thing. here I am almost seeming to have figured it out the mathematics of this all. now it maybe too late to enjoy those things. So what do you do? I have come to a very deep appreciation of those around me. I also know you just gotta suck it up keep moving forward and hope things work as the need. So that is what I am doing. It is now my only choice. and hopefully my mother can get beyond all this and I will be able to afford to take her on a nice trip after.
I guess that is what it all comes down to at this point. the balance between work and life. for those who know me I am sure I you know that in general I always put work first. Sure many times there was a party attached to that work but that is why I choose this work. after I had Stella sure there were times I wanted to quit and many times I did. in truth I just had nothing else so I always came back to it. which was also by design …. I knew long ago if I left no other choice that is what I would have to do. Hence the lifetime of washing ppls dishes and taking away dirty plates. it was also something I always enjoyed….it was also the closest thing to preforming I could find and get paid for.maybe now the party is over or at least changed a great deal cause once again Friday nights are my favorite night of the week. They generally consist of a slumber party in dads room, dog in tow and I am often asleep by 11. yeah I know that is not too hardcore I make up for it other nights of the week. and you know I just had a funny thought in the fact that my life is nowhere near as exciting or interesting as it once was but I appreciate it all a lot more. Especially being alone. sad but true. I am happy in my thoughts and space . I don’t think I could ever live with another person…. well there is one but I can’t talk bout her now… if you and her stick around maybe you will hear about her. She is free do as she pleases as I am and we both come and go as need be… none the less I know there is a very beautiful creature in this universe that cares for me a great deal. we are pretty compatible and she is the first woman I felt I could be myself around in years …. she is pretty incredible and a lot like me. Anyways I am a couple of ladies dirty secret and i can accept that. I am not “stable” enough for most and this allows me to stay focused on what is important and allows the to focus on their needs as well.
And for me right now that is Stella (who is the next room freaking out with her friend to just dance 3, thanx mom), art and building our home. Which at some point I hope is a “villa” or ranch in California. why the southern states cause it is close to home and warm. my new dream is to own a petting zoo for animals er more like sanctuary for them. there would Yaks, tigers (not together) , horses, snakes and spiders… kindda like a home fer the unwanted. I spoke to a guy this week who owned something similar. He said it cost him forty thousand dollars a year to run… which on the grand scale of things isn’t that much. I know it sounds crazy it was good enough for Andre the giant though…who when he passed left an estate to make sure his animals would be cared for years to come. we will see…

So that is that. the kid is good ,the dog is good and I am great. especially since I forgot to mention that although I never got to meet Ozzy and give him his works, the one I put on the market was acquired by one of my landlord’s partners. As a result three thousand five hundred dollars was removed from my debt…. so I guess in away things worked out for the best. I had told Ozzy I would have to put it out there as if I missed this show the possibility of meeting him greatly diminished, I have kept the other work “ozzy+me” in my collection just in case he and I meet. the best part of this is his partner thinks I am a low life.., which I guess should kinda bother me, but hell I am use to cause like mrs foley baby boy knows it does not matter how many teeth you looses or how much blood is spilled or how many beautiful works of art are created sometimes you can ever earn a persons respect but sometimes earning their money is just as good….
Hope you are well .
switch the word wrestling with art

PS hours later (upon further consideration I have decided not to publish these notes on the regular. this is some of my favorite writing and I like and appreciate that I can write freely to yous… I guess I just wanted to give you the heads up that sometimes when these words are extra sweet they might find their way into a public space. thanks for the inspiration)


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Dear Ms. Farling,
I saw your recent showing at Cafe Cantina. and must let you know that I was very impressed… so impressed I aquired one of your works. As you know I bought this portrait here. first off I hope you understand that I bought this work over any other because when it comes to art habitually I am a traditionalist. No bells and whistles for this guy. I like art strong in fundamentals of art. Which all your works display. I settled for a portrait because it was best with in my price limit (thank you). I was also impressed with the “life” with which your portraits expressed. So much so the ones of people eating hot dogs went so far as to discouraged my appetite.


No offence taken on this end because in truth that is what makes your art…. ART. your works even your “studies” Are VISCERAL, GUTTURAL and AGGRESSIVE. Your wok is like being punch in the mouth or the stomach. sometime from the subject matter and other times from robustness with which they are created as seen in your painting of the pigs. (oink oink what gluttonous species we are never, fulfilled… but what beautiful lines and colors our gluttony can create).Strangely all these nuances are all just precursor for what your “REAL” ART HOLDS.


And when I use the words REAL ART of course I am referring to your Hybrid painting. The ones you paint from those magnificent Marquette that are created with equally meticulous effort. The Japanese called worlds like these ukiyo-e or the floating world. These works catch the world in it’s transition as the natural world as we know it now blends with science. Hybrid creatures sprawl across annihilated landscapes living in “makes shift abodes” created from material referential to the world we live in now. Creating a Hieronymus Bosch like world that once seemed like an impossibility, that is now an inevitability thanks to consumption of world resources and scientific advancement.


What I find most compelling about your work is the passion and energy with which it is created. it comes through in every stroke of the brush in every composition. the time and thought put into these works is exciting and incredible. so much so that you have inspired me and I now find myself obsessed with the act of creation simply for the pleasure of creation. Something I had not felt in years. as such I just wanted to write a note say thanks to let you know , in case you didn’t already your work is more powerful than you may believe .
Mr. Richard Rossetto
Ps ( to any one who may catch this…. BUT THIS ART SUPPORT THIS ARTIST TO MAKE MORE)




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