Welcome To The Artist’s Studio : Above and Beyond!!!!!!

Today in the Artist’s Studio we are going talk about going above and beyond. One of things I have learned while living as a SUCCESSFUL ARTIST, Is going without, working with what you have got and pushing through when times are tough all are absolute necessities. All of this has to do with using the resources your limited or not. You ALWAYS have to reach beyond yourself and what you have in order to progress. In My life I choose art (maybe it choose me) there for the majority of MY time and effort goes to the creation of ART with a capital A. It cost me DEARLY in MANY ASPECTS . Here is ONE of the MANY MANY solutions I have come up with in order to continually excel. here is me prepping canvas to MOTORHEAD, watch the energy. the syncing didn’t work nor was there any Motorhead to choose from on their audio Swap(what ever the hell that is SOOOOO, What I suggest you do, is press play on the video below once I start to paint, I know its some work on your part, but I am sure it will be worth while in the end. this was the album I was listening too whilst working. Here is some works created in the outside studio. With found or used objects. so Turn it up enjoy and thanks fer stoping by the artist’s studio. if the method provided does not work please take the effort to go out and BUY A MOTORHEAD ALBUM and press play while watching the video.

shutting down the old studio

“BFF: Home Sweet Home” 2011 Private Collection

“The Best Life Ever Too” Oil on Canvas 2011 unfinished after Sylvester Stallone’s The Best Life Private collection


~ by Richard Rossetto on July 27, 2011.

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