Dear Ms. Farling,
I saw your recent showing at Cafe Cantina. and must let you know that I was very impressed… so impressed I aquired one of your works. As you know I bought this portrait here. first off I hope you understand that I bought this work over any other because when it comes to art habitually I am a traditionalist. No bells and whistles for this guy. I like art strong in fundamentals of art. Which all your works display. I settled for a portrait because it was best with in my price limit (thank you). I was also impressed with the “life” with which your portraits expressed. So much so the ones of people eating hot dogs went so far as to discouraged my appetite.


No offence taken on this end because in truth that is what makes your art…. ART. your works even your “studies” Are VISCERAL, GUTTURAL and AGGRESSIVE. Your wok is like being punch in the mouth or the stomach. sometime from the subject matter and other times from robustness with which they are created as seen in your painting of the pigs. (oink oink what gluttonous species we are never, fulfilled… but what beautiful lines and colors our gluttony can create).Strangely all these nuances are all just precursor for what your “REAL” ART HOLDS.


And when I use the words REAL ART of course I am referring to your Hybrid painting. The ones you paint from those magnificent Marquette that are created with equally meticulous effort. The Japanese called worlds like these ukiyo-e or the floating world. These works catch the world in it’s transition as the natural world as we know it now blends with science. Hybrid creatures sprawl across annihilated landscapes living in “makes shift abodes” created from material referential to the world we live in now. Creating a Hieronymus Bosch like world that once seemed like an impossibility, that is now an inevitability thanks to consumption of world resources and scientific advancement.


What I find most compelling about your work is the passion and energy with which it is created. it comes through in every stroke of the brush in every composition. the time and thought put into these works is exciting and incredible. so much so that you have inspired me and I now find myself obsessed with the act of creation simply for the pleasure of creation. Something I had not felt in years. as such I just wanted to write a note say thanks to let you know , in case you didn’t already your work is more powerful than you may believe .
Mr. Richard Rossetto
Ps ( to any one who may catch this…. BUT THIS ART SUPPORT THIS ARTIST TO MAKE MORE)



~ by Richard Rossetto on April 12, 2014.


  1. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing Rich. Love the portrait you bought.

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